Interviewing the Employer — Red Flags

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When interviewing for a job, you’re not the only one being interviewed. And no, we aren’t referring to the other candidates, we mean that you are also interviewing the employer. Now it’s true, that sometimes we can find ourselves in desperate situations, but the same can be said for an employer. If an employer shows they’re desperate, it just may be a red flag. Wouldn’t it be a red flag for an employer if you, the candidate, did the same thing?

Finding the right job is not completely dissimilar to dating and finding the right partner. You’re looking for certain qualities, you want a good fit. You don’t expect perfection but there are certainly some deal breakers and red flags to keep an eye out for. After all, relationships do come with hard work and sometimes headaches, but are ultimately rewarding and contribute to our overall well being. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about your interviews this way, instead of the one-sided process we often think it is. With that said, author and professional speaker Geoffrey James has a great list of red flags that should incite one to run for the door and find a better match.

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