Talevation Launches TAP U!


Talevation, the #1 Online Provider of Skills & Behavioral Talent Assessments for Enterprise
Organizations and Individuals – Announces the Launch of their TAP U! Career Services
Program, to help Schools and Students identify, position, secure and develop great careers.

Carmel, Indiana, September 10, 2018 – Talevation®, headquartered in Carmel, IN –
announces the launch of their new TAP U! Careers Services Program, as part of their Talent
Assessments Platform (TAP)™ – which is Talevation’s SaaS Business to Consumer (B2C)
cloud-based marketplace, where individuals can personally purchase and self-administer skills
and behavioral talent assessments. The purpose and benefits with TAP and TAP U! – are to help
institutions and individuals affordably evaluate, prove, prepare and position for employment, as
well as help to identify, determine, manage and develop new competencies and capabilities.

“We are thrilled about TAP and the addition of our new TAP U! Career Services
Program,” said Scott Abbott, Managing Partner with Talevation. “In addition to currently
working with and successfully serving thousands of great enterprise organizations, it’s truly
rewarding to provide an affordable, easy-to-use, on-demand career services program for schools,
students, and frankly everybody that wants to self-assess their current skills and behaviors, in a
secure and private fashion. Self-development and self-representation, are incredibly important
requirements to personal responsibility and professional success – and we’re happy to help.”

Talevation, in partnership with IBM® Kenexa Assess on Cloud ™, provides over 1,000
skills and behavioral tests that are used to frame, validate, measure and substantiate the fit and
proficiency of potential and current employees. Talevation helps organizations of all sizes, take
the guesswork out of their talent decisions: from hiring the right people, to career development,
and employee engagement. Talevation supports 3,500+ enterprise organizations and locations,
which collectively administer over one million individual skills and behavioral tests per month.
For more information on TAP and Talevation, go to www.talevation.com. For media
inquiries, please contact Scott Abbott at 317-413-7037, and email scott@talevation.com.


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