Webinar – Behavioral Assessments: Why & What

While Skills Assessments (specifically using the IBM Assess Solution) are great for measuring the proficiencies needed to be successful, Behavioral Assessments measure the innate and difficult to observe “character traits” required for success, often predicting outcomes such as retention, customer service, teamwork, motivation, engagement, job performance, attitude, and more.

On behalf of Talevation & IBM, we’d like to invite you to a very special webinar:

“Behavioral Assessments: Why & What” ​
Thursday, December 6th 3:30 PM – 4:15 PM EST.*

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On this webinar, featuring experts from Talevation and IBM, you will learn:

  • Why use Behavioral Assessments, and why they matter
  • When, where and how to use Behavioral Assessments
  • Overview of Behavioral Assessments, using IBM Assess

We look forward to seeing you.

Mark your calendars.*

*Watch the recording here!

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