Talevation Expands Strategic Partnership with IBM; Increases Assessments Offerings and Adds IBM Watson AI

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Talevation, the #1 online provider of skills & behavioral talent assessments for both enterprise organizations and individuals – announces its expansion with IBM and joining the IBM “With Watson” program, to provide talent assessments aided by Watson artificial intelligence (AI).

Talevation Talent Assessments Platform (TAP)

CARMEL, Ind.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Talevation® has expanded their Talent Assessments Platform (TAP)™ to over 700 online talent assessments. TAP is Talevation’s cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital marketplace, where users can self-purchase and self-administer (in a private and secure manner) validated skills and behavioral talent assessments across a broad range of job titles, classifications and behavioral criteria. With the volume of talent assessments now available, Talevation also expanded their strategic partnership with IBM®, and has now incorporated IBM Watson™ AI, to help guide users in selecting the right assessments, for their unique situations.

Talevation Expands Strategic Partnership with IBM, Increases Assessments Offerings, and Adds IBM Watson AI

Scott Abbott, Talevation Managing Partner noted, “Because we now have such an expansive portfolio of talent assessments – and that traditional keyword search offers limited results – we anticipated that users may have difficulty landing on the perfect assessment(s) or know exactly which assessments to take. In response, we built a chatbot named TAPbot™, that utilizes IBM Watson Services to deliver a guided experience. For example, TAPbot might suggest taking the ‘data mining concepts’ assessment, when the user searches for ‘artificial intelligence’. Or for a specific skills assessment, TAPbot might also recommend certain behavioral assessments, to complement their skills. These related but different assessments might be ones our user did not originally consider. Such self-discovery and support, is at the heart of the TAP experience.”

In addition to IBM Kenexa Assess on Cloud™ and IBM Watson, TAP leverages other products and services from the IBM Cloud™, including: Alert Notification, API Connect, Assistant, Availability MonitoringCertificate Manager, CloudantCloud FoundryCloud FunctionsCloud Object Storage, Continuous Delivery, DiscoveryNatural Language Understanding.

Added Abbott, “TAP provides the most extensive and comprehensive portfolio of self-service talent assessments available in the market today. And with the recent addition of TAP U!, our Career Services Program for schools, students and recent or soon-to-be graduates – we are excited that TAP can help millions of people earn, develop and retain rewarding employment.”

About Talevation: Headquartered in Carmel, IN – Talevation partners with IBM and IBM’s Kenexa Talent Assessments – to provide over 1,000 skills and behavioral talent assessments used to identify, frame, validate, measure, prove and substantiate the fit and proficiency of potential and current employees. Talevation helps individuals and organizations of all sizes, take the guesswork out of their talent decisions: from hiring the right people, to career development, and employee engagement. Talevation supports 4,000+ enterprise locations, which collectively administer over one million individual skills and behavioral tests, per month.

For information about TAP and Talevation, visit www.talevation.com.

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