Introducing a new and improved user interface for IBM Talent Assessments administrators

new user interface

By Rado Nikolov

July 18, 2019

As consumers today, we all expect to be able to access applications from any device while on the move—and the experience better be excellent. Our IBM software and service users are no different.

Typically, user must-haves include ease of use, the ability to work across devices, and simple, fast, and streamlined navigation. In other words, the overall user experience is just as important as the product’s features and function.

With this in mind, we have made significant investments in our assessment portfolio to continuously improve the user experience based on client feedback and in alignment with changing industry standards.

To this end, I am happy to announce that we have updated the user interface for IBM Talent Assessments administrators with an intuitive, flexible, and easy platform that will dramatically improve the overall experience.

Our sponsored user group was integral in defining and verifying this new experience, and the feedback from pilot users has been extremely encouraging.

It’s your turn now. Set yourself up for hiring success with the new and improved IBM Talent Assessments. Sending assessments to your candidates just got easier with the intuitive, flexible, and responsive design that will be available for purchase starting July 20th in the US and July 26th in Europe. For a sneak peek, register for a free trial on the IBM Watson Talent website.

As we wrap up the deployment of this new Talent Assessments experience, we are working on more enhancements outlined in our roadmap. Stay tuned for more!

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