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Moments to Momentum

Big news! Adrian Jagow, co-managing partner of Talevation,  episode is now live! And it’s a great episode, if I do say so myself (thanks to Adrian). Please give it a...

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Talent Talks

College education and employment history are becoming less and less relevant, as the need for specific skill sets and behaviors take center stage in the world of talent acquisition and...

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Talevation Partners with SHL to Provide Free Access to SHL’s Science-Backed, AI-Powered Virtual Interview Suite

Talevation, the #1 provider of skills & behavioral talent assessments, today announced that they are providing free access to the SHL Virtual Interview Suite, launched by SHL to the market...

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Transition to SHL FAQs

We just migrated. Why is this happening again? Please see SHL’s press release here. This partnership ensures that customers have continuity with their current assessment programs, while alsooffering them access...

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