About Us

SHL Partners for your Talent Optimization.

Talevation has the joy, privilege, and responsibility for helping SHL and our mutual clients understand, purchase, implement, leverage, and support effective talent assessment solutions.

SHL’s innovative and comprehensive software solutions … when combined with Talevation and our channel partners’ experience, expertise, and value-add products/services … are the foundation for helping our mutual clients engage, collaborate, innovate, and grow; by working together smarter, faster, better.

Talevation is a purpose-driven company: leveraging the best strategic, technical, and creative assets; building captivating talent assessment solutions; empowering people, teams, and organizations to connect and collaborate like never before, and helping companies get work done/results delivered, in a more vibrant and enjoyable manner than traditional approaches.

As a company, Talevation classifies itself as a purpose-driven, “Social Enterprise” – dedicated to the identification, engagement, development, support, and retention of great talent, as well as the enhancement of humankind.  This duality of purpose (i.e. do good/be good) is both strategic and missional, and is central to our creation and existence.


Our performance-based values:

Missionally – make a positive impact in business and our community

Strategically – help people and organizations leverage great talent

Tactically – discover, develop, deliver and support talent solutions

Culturally – inspiring, fun, production-based, team-oriented, family-centric

Operationally – structured, accountable, process-driven, self-managed

Financially – do the math; be transparent; meet or exceed expectations

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