• We just migrated. Why is this happening again?

Please see SHL’s press release here.

This partnership ensures that customers have continuity with their current assessment programs, while alsooffering them access to SHL’s end-to-end assessments suite and actionable people insights obtained through SHL’s comprehensive assessment and Professional Service capabilities.  The SHL “Aspiring Minds” platform will help customers improve efficiency and guide rapid and effective talent decisions via its intuitive user interface, improved configuration options, and people analytics capabilities.  Your Talevation team will also be intimately involved to facilitate this transition.

  • When will this transition occur? 

The transitions to SHL will begin at time of contract renewal starting in Q2 of 2020. Talevation will work with customers to continue their services through SHL.  SHL was chosen for this partnership, in part, because of their extensive experience successfully transitioning over 3000+ organizations onto their platform.

  • Will I automatically be moved to SHL?

You will not automatically be moved to SHL.  Talevation will support all customers to renew their contract with SHL as part of the move to Aspiring Minds.  Your current contract will be honored but will need to transition prior to expiration.

  • Will there be training and support available before and after I transition to SHL?

All transitioning customers will go through a comprehensive enablement process on the intuitive SHL platform and will have access to videos and other documentation to make the transition as seamless as possible.  All SHL customers have access to on-demand customer support and will be provided with ongoing support and monitoring of their assessment programs to ensure success.  Talevation will also be on hand to assist with training and support as needed.

  • Will the tests we are using now remain the same?

SHL will be able to provide transitioning clients the same content that they are currently using.  The only differences will be that the assessments will be administered through the SHL Aspiring Minds platform and may have a slightly different user-interface than you have been used to previously.

  • If we created a custom test, will that still be available in SHL’s system?

Assessments are being migrated to SHL’s platform as clients renew and transition to Aspiring Minds, and your existing content should be available via Aspiring Minds. For questions about specific custom content, please connect with the SHL team or your Talevation representative.

  • Is the licensing prices/structure the same?  (If so, does SHL allow “roll-over”?)

Yes, SHL’s goal in 2020 will be to ensure you have the same pricing you had to access the same content.  If you would like to have additional access to SHL content, the pricing model will shift appropriately.  If any changes to pricing are to be implemented, SHL and Talevation will communicate them as quickly as possible.

  • Is the duration of SHL’s licensing term the same (ie – valid 12 months)?

Yes, SHL does have a 12-month licensing term.  All units purchased in a block need to be used within 12 months of contract start date.  We will work with your team to do the best estimate possible to ensure you get full value from the partnership.

  • What happens to existing customer data?  Will we need to export it? Can our existing data be imported to SHL’s system?

Current data cannot be ported to the SHL system.  The customer’s administrator will have access to export their historic data. Talevation strongly encourages customers to export this data and can assist with instructions on how to do so.

  • What are the system and browser requirements for SHL’s system?

You will need to use a computer that meets the following recommended system requirements:

Connection speed You should use a 56Kb, or faster, Internet connection to get the best experience. Please use a 1Mb per second, or faster, Internet connection for video-based assessments.

Pop-up windows Please disable any pop-up blocking software, that may prevent the test from downloading, before attempting the tests. University or company networks may have restrictions in place so please check with your local systems administrator first.   Supported Internet browsers – Internet Explorer Version 8.0 and higher – Firefox Version 31 and higher – Safari Version 5.1.10 and higher – Google Chrome Version 37 and higher

Supported operating systems – Apple Mac OS 10.x (up to Mac OS X v10.8 – Mountain Lion) – Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000, NT4.0, Millennium Edition, 98, 95

Please note your system settings may differ from the below depending on the assessments being completed.

Additional details around system requirements can be found here: https://support.shl.com/

  • Does SHL’s system allow for both onsite testing vs email?   (Does SHL have any other methods like texting?)

SHL’s platform allows for the administration of assessments online, with options for an all mobile, device optimized workflow that can be deployed un-proctored or if a client requires, proctored on-site.

  • What happens if a candidate has tests that expire after the transition – will we still receive those test result reports?

Existing users will have access to their account throughout the transition to SHL’s platform in order to close out any open requisitions and tests that may be active.  At the time of deactivation, any outstanding test taker links are also inactivated.

  • What about our existing ATS integrations? Does SHL’s system integrate with our vendor?

SHL’s Aspiring Minds platform integrates with the leading ATS providers in delivering effective integrated solutions to both local and global organizations.  SHL currently processes over 60% of our assessment volume (36 million/per year) via active integrations with over 90 different vendors and have implemented more than 1200 integrated client solutions across most industries and roles.  ATS Integration partner highlights and information can be found at https://www.shl.com/en/integrations/. For questions about a specific integration, please connect with the SHL team or your Talevation representative.

  • Will all my users be ported over to the SHL system?  Will each customer still have a unique URL? 

Every customer will have a unique ID, but all users will not be automatically ported to the SHL system.  That data will need to be shared with SHL when customers transition to Aspiring Minds.  As most customers will transition at the end of their entitlement, Talevation will work with customers to ensure your user list is exported, updated and provided to SHL.

  • Does SHL’s system have a Hierarchy/Data segregation function?  If not, how does SHL handle customers with multiple locations?

Yes, client data is stored on a shared database but logically segregated with the help of unique identifiers.  Every client is provided with a unique customer ID in a database which is only mapped to that particular client.  Any client admin or client candidate accessing the portal is authenticated through that particular ID.  Every project that will be created will have a unique project ID mapped to its company ID which is not accessible for any other customer.  Hence, making data segregation more secure. We use industry standards and best practice methods, including the AES-256-bit encryption standard.  Data in transit is encrypted utilizing SSL (TLS)TLS v1.2 and data at rest is encrypted utilizing TDE.

  • Does SHL’s system allow customers to modify assessments or upload their own content?

SHL does not permit customers to modify assessment content.  This ensures that content being used maintains any established validation and reliability evidence supporting its use, for the protection of SHL’s customers.

SHL is able to host and deploy custom test content created and owned by customers.  SHL requires the test content be provided with any scoring algorithms needed to score each test.  To be able to host a custom assessment, the preferred format is multiple-choice format and should not include multimedia content.  SHL will review requests for other content and format on a case-by-case basis to determine feasibility. The building and deploying of any custom content is done through a team of specialists within SHL and will require a separate agreement.

  • Will we still have assessment tutorials (for the MS office products)?

Yes, tutorials will be available for the skills assessments they are aligned to today.

  • Are SHL’s assessments validated?

SHL follows professional best practices for test development and validation as documented in the Department of Labor/EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s (SIOP) Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures, and the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.

SHL assessments are some of the most researched and validated assessments in the world, with the database of validation research on some of our assessment content dating back to the 1950s. SHL maintains thorough technical documentation on all of our standard assessment solutions, and we can provide Technical Manuals for relevant solutions upon request. Each technical manual contains a detailed description of the background, purpose and content/structure of the assessment solution, assessment content development procedures and source information, reliability, and validity evidence (including meta-analytic criterion-related validity evidence when available that examines how assessments predict performance across a number of studies), adverse impact, and fairness estimates.

  • Does SHL’s system have a feature to track our usage?

SHL’s assessment usage is available to client in real time through Aspiring Minds platform. Each customer will be assigned an Account Manager and team that actively tracks usage data to understand trends and/or instances that should be shared with the customer.  SHL reports usage monthly.

  • Will the result reports be the same?

Yes, we are working to ensure the same data you value from your current reports are also available on SHL reports.  Customers may notice a slight change to the look/feel of the reporting.

  • Does SHL have a staging site as well as production site?

SHL does have a staging site, which we can make available for user acceptance testing of assessment content or integration work streams, prior to customer go-live.

  • What languages will be available in SHL’s system?

Over time, all languages from the current test catalog will be available through SHL’s platform. In addition to existing content, SHL has assessments available in over 35 languages, including core languages required in North America: English, Spanish, and Canadian French.  Test language availability varies by test content.

In situations where a language is not currently available, SHL has the capability to develop translated versions of most assessment content.  SHL has a great deal of experience in managing the translation of assessment content. SHL utilizes the translation services of a reputable and experienced translation and localization company. Due to the criticality of ensuring equivalence of translated content to the original version, SHL has established a rigorous assessment translation methodology that is designed to ensure the accuracy and equivalency of translation.

Please contact Talevation if you have a specific test and language you’re currently using, and we will assist in verifying availability on SHL’s platform.

  • Is SHL’s product platform compatible with 3rd party products like ZoomText and Jaws, for the vision-impaired?

SHL is committed to providing an accessible interface both for candidates and client users of our systems.

It is important to note that not all of our assessments are accessible to all assistive technologies or accommodations, today or in the future. For example, where the measurement of a core construct of an assessment would cause an undue burden or compromise to the intent of the assessment, we will not support it.  SHL has an agreed set of requirements that detail the assistive technologies we support across both the candidate and the administrator sides of our Aspiring Minds assessment platform.  These covers the mainstream screen readers, voice control software, and screen magnification technologies, as well as common inbuilt accessibility support on some operating systems.  Listed below are some of the capabilities and features of our platform related to user accessibility.

  • Contrast Options – there are a number of different contrast options that users can select, such as black on white, removing colored text, etc.
  • Font Size – All standard ways of increasing font size are supported, and the responsive nature of the platform ensures that there is no horizontal scrolling.
  • Screen Readers – Screen readers are supported throughout the platform and on most assessments.  Voice control software and screen magnification tools are supported in some areas of the platform.
  • Timer Adjustment – Timer adjustments can be made to increase the time available for our timed assessments, where appropriate.
  • Keyboard Control – Usage supported in several areas, such as improved keyboard only navigation to access buttons quickly and dialog boxes using keys rather than the mouse. Options may vary according to the assessment content.
  • Most of our assessments do not include auditory information, but for those that do (e.g., simulations primarily), closed captioning or a written transcript of the audio information may be available.

When accommodating candidates for ADA requirements, SHL consultants will partner with our clients to recommend accommodations on a case-by-case approach, if needed. Most accommodations in testing involve either giving the applicant extra time or providing some type of assistance, either by technological means or with human assistance.   Adding this element to our approach to accessibility ensures the practicalities of using assistive technologies, or implementation of other adjustments which may be required, and preserving the integrity of our assessments while still being usable by candidates.

For more information about accommodations and disability guidelines, please see our website: https://www.shl.com/en/disability-guidelines/accessibility-on-our-client-systems/